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The Marylebone PT - Scott Leahy

As a seasoned coach specialising in strength, performance, and conditioning in Marylebone, London, I draw upon my background as a former elite athlete who competed extensively throughout Europe. My coaching approach is enriched with a vast reservoir of expertise, knowledge, hands-on experience, and practical insights. This allows me to tailor each coaching session to optimise the effectiveness of my clients' training.


Recognising that everyone possesses unique strengths and limitations, I prioritise creating personalised plans that consider individual health, schedules, and, most importantly, fitness goals.


My personal transformation from competitive cycling to weightlifting equips me with a profound understanding of the challenges inherent in reshaping one's physique. Through my work with athletes, I've successfully guided them to reach their peak performance, navigate numerous injuries, and facilitate efficient recovery. This extensive experience positions me to assist clients at any starting point on their fitness journey, leveraging my comprehensive knowledge in performance, functional movement, and nutrition.

The key takeaway is my genuine comprehension of diverse fitness paths, and my role is to provide guidance with unwavering patience and a steadfast focus on achieving specific goals.


I am dedicated to formulating a customised plan and training schedule aligned with your unique fitness background and requirements, ensuring you witness the results you aspire to achieve.



. EXOS - Performance Coach

. CFSC - Certified Functional Strength Coach

. FMS - Functional Movement Screen Practitioner

. FRC - Functional Range Conditioning

. Posture & Movement Specialist

. SIDAS - Podiatry Assessment

. WATTBIKE - Certified Coach

. LDNM - Body Composition (Weight Loss management), Performance & Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain)

. Nutrition & Supplementation Guidance

Pregnancy - Pre & Post Natal 


Free Consultation

Have questions? I am sure you do, I am here to help! 
Book in for a free consultation chat on my live calendar and lets discuss all options available.

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