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The Marylebone PT

Scott Leahy

As a dedicated personal trainer based in Marylebone, Central London, my main goal is to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards a more active and healthier lifestyle. I prioritise functional movement in my sessions, emphasising the crucial aspects of movement quality, mobility and stability to foster the development of strength.

1-2-1 Personal Training

Get the most out of your training sessions with

1-2-1 coaching in Marylebone, Mayfair and Central London.


Join me at UNTIL Marylebone on Wigmore Street

Online Coaching

Customised online coaching programs that can be in a gym or at home, you let me know what you have access to and I will do the rest.

Standard and Premium plans available. 

Training Plans

These prebuilt comprehensive training programs are designed to help you maintaining consistency and effectiveness based on what equipment you have available to you in a gym or home environment.

Client Testimonials

My husband has been training with Scott, doing classes 3 times a week over the last year. He has been really happy with the classes – not just the results, which he’s really pleased with, but also the process, which has given him a lot of invaluable experience. Other than waking me up very early in the morning to go to the gym, I've also been really impressed with (and I am grateful for) the transformation in my husband .

Scott has kept my husband on track with a bespoke training programme, designed based on his needs and aims. The programme has involved a mix of stretches, weights, movement exercises, and energy systems training and seems to have evolved over the year, with Scott regularly and attentively tweaking it based on progress. This variety has seemed to have kept my husband really interested and Scott has even got my husband enthusiastic about different training methods – he keeps coming home after class trying to show me some new exercise or stretch routines that he’s learnt from Scott earlier!

Lydia R

Free Consultation

Have questions? I am sure you do, I am here to help! 
Book in for a free consultation chat on my live calendar and lets discuss all options available.

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