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1-2-1 Personal Training

Private Personal Training - Marylebone

Optimise your gym sessions by training directly with me in person. 

You'll benefit from exclusive face-to-face sessions, ensuring that each workout is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Your fitness transformation begins with personalised attention in my specially designed space.


Movement / Functionality

At the core of every personalised training journey lies a comprehensive movement and mobility assessment. This thorough evaluation delves into every facet of your unique movement quality, serving as the cornerstone for crafting a tailor-made fitness plan. Together, we'll collaboratively define your goals, and armed with the insights from the assessment, I'll design a bespoke program that encompasses all essential elements. Your fitness journey begins with a foundation rooted in precision and customisation, ensuring a path that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations


Training / Nutrition / Education

In addition to a comprehensive focus on movement and mobility, I extend my expertise to encompass all facets of fitness, delving into the realms of in-depth nutrition, weight loss, and/or muscle building—tailoring the training to align with your specific goals. As a valued client, you'll enjoy exclusive access to my private members page on the website. This dedicated space is a treasure trove of educational resources, offering insights into the intricacies of weight and body composition management. You'll find not only valuable tools but also practical advice directly from me, guiding and propelling you toward the achievement of your fitness aspirations



As my valued client, you'll have privileged access to my online application. Whether you're traveling for work or simply enjoying a holiday, this resource empowers you to maintain your fitness momentum. I'll personally curate bespoke workouts tailored to your surroundings, ensuring that every moment, even away from home, contributes to your goal achievement. This commitment to your success reflects my dedication to providing flexibility in your fitness journey.

Please be aware that Personal Training Terms and Conditions apply

Free Consultation

Have questions? I am sure you do, I am here to help! 
Book in for a free consultation chat on my live calendar and lets discuss all options available.

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